Frequently Asked Questions
What is Hackvita?

Hackvita is an account generator for accounts like Netflix, Spotify and many others.

I want to generate accounts, How do I start?

To be able to generate you must have a subscription on the site. After registering, go to the "Buy a plan" section and choose the one that interests you most.

What is the difference between the public generator and the private generator?

In the public generator you will find the least requested accounts. In the private generator, instead, the most requested accounts are found, to avoid running out our stock immediately, we have imposed a limit of generations per day.

Which accounts are in the public generator and which ones are in the private?

The full list can be found here. Or by going the to the "Account list" section on the menu.

How can I use the accounts?

We only provide accounts, how to use them are the customer's responsibility and we assume no responsibility.

How long does it take to activate a plan?

The activation of the plans with payment via Paypal is automatic and immediate, if the instructions are executed correctly. If you pay with amazon or paysafecard, activation can take up to a maximum of 3 hours.

I bought a plan but I'm not actived yet, What can I do?

If your plan after payment via Paypal has not automatically activated within a couple of minutes, it means that you have not followed the instructions correctly. A common mistake is that you didn't put the code present in the instructions during the payment, which is fundamental for the activation of the plan. If so, do not hesitate to contact support, we will help you.

I bought an account from the shop but it didn't arrive, what do I do?

Accounts are shipped within 24 hours but generally within a few hours.You can check the status of your order in the "Order History" section on the site. The account is provided to you in email format: password.

How do I see the availability of accounts?

You can see what accounts are available and which aren't in the "Account list" section on the site. The account you want is not available? Don't worry, usually new ones are supplied in a few hours, follow the @hackvitagen channel for updates.

How many Netflix accounts can I generate?

All plans can generate 1 account per 3 days. This is to keep the website up and running.

Do you have any Terms of Subscription?

Like any service, we also have a tos to respect. Find the complete list on hackvita.it/tos .