Terms of Service
Terms of Service

a) When you access, login, re-login and register on Hackvita you accept the TOS.
b) We reserve the right to modify the TOS and subscription privileges at any time without notifying you.


a) You can't sell or try to sell your Hackvita account, this will lead in a permanent ban.
b) You can sell our accounts in limited quantity, any abuse will be punished with a ban.


a) You aren't authorized to share your account or any information related to it. Account sharing is not allowed!
b) You can't share our premium accounts. If you do it, you have to mention us when you do giveaways.


a) You must be respectful with the staff and users in the Telegram group (read and follow the rules). Also, sale trashing isn't allowed and will be punished.
b) It is forbidden to contact the support aggressively, defaming the service or saying falsehood.


You cannot sign up using a disposable email service, or temporary email service. This can get your account terminated.


All Hackvita sales are final, no refunds. If you have any question, please contact us on Telegram.